Tapestry weaving and the Jacquard loom

How tapestry weaving and the Jacquard loom combined to revolutionize this ancient art. All of the tapestries available on our website are Jacquard woven. What does this signify? A trip back to the thoroughly revolutionary times in France takes us to the life of Joseph-Marie Jacquard. During the French Revolution large numbers of tapestries were burnt to retrieve the precious … Continue reading

Religious tapestries

Religious tapestries - The Last Supper tapestry art
Religious tapestries make an intriguing and inspirational addition to any home. They are not only of great interest to Christians but have an aesthetic appeal to art collectors. There is an extensive range to choose from, many being reproductions of some of the finest religious works of art ever produced. They have been woven since the thirteenth century, initially used … Continue reading

Verdure tapestries

Verdure tapestries - tapestry art from 16th century to today
A history of tapestry art with descriptions of verdure tapestries available today. Tapestries were produced in Europe from around the twelfth century when, it is believed, the art of weaving was introduced from the East. Some small scale tapestries may have been produced during early medieval times. However, it was towards the end of this period, and throughout the Renaissance, … Continue reading

Sistine Chapel tapestries – Raphael cartoons

The Sistine Chapel Tapestries were produced from cartoons by Raphael and hung for special occasions. Only seven of the ten original cartoons, ie the working drawings, produced by Raphael for the Sistine Chapel tapestries survive today. The Raphael Tapestries, as they have since become known, were created during the High Renaissance, and were commissioned around 1515 by Pope Leo X. … Continue reading

Baroque tapestries

Baroque tapestries - Louis XIV chateaux wall tapestries
Baroque tapestries include many splendid series of Louis XIV chateaux masterpieces of Louis XIV woven in France, tracing their history back over centuries. Scenery and landscapes have always been highly popular subjects for Tapestry Art. The Romans, Greeks and, later, the rulers of medieval Europe would sometimes commission a tapestry to record great battles and other important events. The famous … Continue reading

Flemish tapestry art

Flemish tapestry art - an historical study of Flanders tapestries
Flemish tapestry art – an historical background study of Flanders tapestries. Flemish tapestry art at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries meant primarily Brussels tapestry; the city had become the principal centre for tapestry weaving, with a character and technique quite unlike that in other workshops. Novel characteristics there were recognisable in a bias towards painting. Today the … Continue reading

Oriental tapestries

Oriental tapestries - the Elephant tapestry wall-hanging
The popularity of oriental tapestries such as the Elephant Tapestry continues regardless of the fashions in interior decor. Since the cultures of the Eastern world were opened up to the West by Jesuit missionaries in the seventeenth century, oriental tapestries have been among the popular styles for home interiors. For more than two hundred years the West’s intrigue in what … Continue reading

Nautical Tapestries – Ships in Tapestry Art

Nautical tapestries - ships in tapestry art - Francesco Lazzaro Guardi
There is a varied selection of nautical tapestries available from The Tapestry House, woven in France, Belgium or Italy. The imagery and intrigue of ancient maritime life, with great battles, fearless explorers and skilled sailors has influenced many artists throughout history. Nautical tapestries reflect the inspiration of those times past that appeal to our imagination. This is what, essentially, makes … Continue reading

Francois Boucher wall tapestries – in pursuit of the idyll

Francois Boucher wall tapestries - in pursuit of the idyll
Francois Boucher wall tapestries of the Louis XV period – Gobelins tapestry art celebrating the sensual Rococo style. Francois Boucher wall tapestries are as respected today as they were during the Renaissance. This remarkable French tapestry artist and painter began his career engraving the works of Antoine Watteau. The son of a lace designer and Parisian painter he won the … Continue reading

14th century tapestries

14th century tapestries – the first part of an article about their historical context. There is a large gap in our knowledge of 14th century tapestries; we possess only examples from the last quarter of the century. At this date the art was largely diffused throughout Europe, each district with its own style and characteristics. Large studios flourished in Paris … Continue reading