Monets Garden Tapestries

Monets Garden Tapestries

The series of Monets Garden tapestries have consistently been amongst our most popular wall tapestries in recent years. They are superbly woven in 89% cotton in Belgium by a family company.

Monets Garden tapestries - Giverny lake tapestryLeft is one of these Belgian tapestries in our home; proof that we love it too. This is the horizontal scene from the series which also includes a square version and a vertical one, all in several sizes. Handily, all are available with or without the antique gold border here.

Our admiration for this tapestry increased after we visited Giverny, the Normandy home of Claude Monet from 1883 until his death in 1926. As we drove into the village we were among hordes of cars: what a popular place this must be! Yet we were a little baffled that the cars were not tourist rentals but older, battered vehicles. All was revealed when a large field revealed their destination: a car boot sale!

To follow our tour you might like to visit a good website of Monet's Garden in Giverny. We were there in late September so avoided the tour parties (most useful when we wanted to take photos of the famous Japanese bridge). We began by walking through the Clos Normand flower gardens and then through his home with its collection of Japanese prints. So far the visit was interesting but nothing special. This was to change.

Since Monet's death a road had been built inconveniently between his home and lake. Access was through a dank tunnel under the road. This short unpleasant tunnel provided a contrast to the wonderful scene which opened up before us: Monet's lake, his water garden. This was definitely "something to write home about".  We thoroughly enjoyed walking around it, entranced by its peaceful inspiring beauty. You could see the influence of his Japanese prints on the design.

So our love of this fine Belgian tapestry of Monet's Garden is understandable. Last month we had the pleasure of taking one of the larger sizes to a fine home further north on Vancouver Island. It may look small below but the tapestry itself is seven feet wide.

Monets Garden wall tapestry - Belgian tapestries

The many options woven of the Monets Garden tapestries are good news for those who would enjoy the beauty of this peaceful scene in their homes. You will find them in the Monet section of our Art tapestries. Save Save