Tapestries in Your Home

Tapestry hanging next to a bookcase

It is always a pleasure when shipping tapestries to customers in knowing that they are going to make a home more beautiful. How can they fail to do so? With each order we supply suggestions to help with the hanging and care of tapestries. These conclude with the sentence "We would enjoy receiving images of tapestries in your home!" So you can imagine that we always enjoy receiving such images. Two weeks ago a lady mailed a photograph of a tapestry setting that was especially important to her. Last year her house burnt down and she lost everything. This sad loss included the well-known Elephant tapestry so she was able to replace it from us via insurance and hang it in her replacement home. I hope its presence restored a tiny bit of comfort to her.

Sitting room tapestry wallhanging

Lady with the Unicorn - tapestries in a stairwell

Above are two photos from past customers of medieval and Arts & Crafts tapestries.  The pair of Lady with the Unicorn tapestries are hung on rods with protruding finials whereas The Lady on the right has a hidden rod cut slightly shorter than the tapestry width. We describe this fully in a separate blog post and we enclose hanging information with each order. (All our tapestries are lined and have a rod pocket for easy wall-hanging.)

Landscape tapestries in the home

Above and below are two fine traditional French tapestries, one in a somewhat contemporary setting and one placed above an antique table.

Mandolin tapestry wall-hanging A last example is quite remarkable, well it is to someone living in western Canada. These two details from the Bayeux Tapestry are on display outside in a garden room in Australia. Now that's my setting for relaxation with a glass of wine!

Bayeux Tapestry display

So ... such images are always welcome. Please "invite" us into your house to see the setting in which you are hanging tapestries in your home.