Portiere wall-hangings

Portiere wall-hangings - tall and slim Lion and Unicorn tapestries
You may wonder “What is a portière?”. Portiere wall-hangings are defined by Wikipedia as: “A portière is a hanging curtain placed over a door or over the doorless entrance to a room.” We need to expand on this regarding their use in centuries past and today. Walking through a French chateau or elegant Paris mansion you would see portières hanging … Continue reading

Tree of Life tapestries – but which one?

Tree of Life tapestries - William Morris, Gustav Klimt
A variety of Tree of Life tapestries are on our website, mostly from William Morris or Gustav Klimt. Given this selection it is interesting to consider the background to this subject and why they continue to be popular today. The Tree of Life For most, the Tree of Life is traced way back to the earliest Biblical narratives. In Genesis … Continue reading

Edward Burne-Jones tapestries

Edward Burne-Jones tapestries - Holy Grail wall tapestry art
Edward Burne-Jones tapestries are often viewed in the context of the collaborations he enjoyed with William Morris. They have so many connections in tapestries and in art generally. Their friendship, co-operative work and shared understandings about art resulted in some marvellous tapestries. Edward Burne Jones (no hyphen until 1894) was born in 1833, and attended Oxford University where he became … Continue reading

Alphonse Mucha tapestries

Alphonse Mucha tapestries - Art Nouveau tapestry designs
The art of Alphonse Mucha typifies Art Nouveau for many of us, so it’s been pleasing to see an increasing interest in Alphonse Mucha tapestries; hence this article about the man and his work. One of the privileges of having your own blog is that you can write about matters of personal interest with a greater passion hoping that others … Continue reading

Gustav Klimt tapestries

Gustav Klimt tapestries - Art Nouveau tapestry wall hangings
Gustav Klimt tapestries are much in demand, especially The Kiss tapestry and the his Tree of Life tapestries. These Art Nouveau designs are available today in several versions from different European tapestry weavers. (Art Nouveau tapestries also feature the works of Alphonse Mucha.) Gustav Klimt painted in Vienna from the 1890’s until his death in 1918 with his personal style … Continue reading

Monet tapestries

Monet tapestries- Claude Monets art wall-hangings
Monet tapestries, ie tapestry reproductions of his wonderful paintings, are understandably popular today. One of our supplying tapestry weavers has just released two more tapestries from his wonderful art and a further one from a modern painting of Monet’s lake at Giverny in Normandy. It is not difficult to see why Claude Monets art is ideal as tapestry wall-hangings. Monet … Continue reading

How to hang a tapestry

How to hang a tapestry - hanging wall tapestries in the home
Every order shipped by The Tapestry House includes a sheet with information about how to hang a tapestry. This also discusses its simple care. Here are those notes:- These practical points will help you care for your tapestry wall-hanging. 1.      There may be transit creases on your tapestry when you receive it. These can be removed easily by careful pressing … Continue reading

Bob Pejman art tapestries

Bob Pejman art tapestries - Mediterranean tapestry wall-hangings
Bob Pejman art tapestries form a popular part of our selection – Tuscan, Lake Como and Mediterranean tapestry wall-hangings woven in Belgium. We have over 20 designs available, most in several sizes, such as this Vineyard Tapestry:Pejman describes his art as “Romantic Realism” though I consider his realism to be more significant than the romantic. We are drawn to his … Continue reading

Monets Garden tapestries

Monets Garden tapestries - Claude Monet Giverny tapestry
The series of Monets Garden tapestries have consistently been amongst our most popular wall tapestries in recent years. They are superbly woven in 89% cotton in Belgium by a family company. Left is one of these Belgian tapestries in our home; proof that we love it too. This is the horizontal scene from the series which also includes a square … Continue reading

Elegant French tapestries

Elegant French tapestries - Louis XIV tapestry wall-hangings
I’m in the mood to write about elegant French tapestries. I’ve often read that bloggers struggle with “what shall I write about?” but this really is no problem for us here – we have so many tapestries, each with a tale to tell. Our Belgian, Italian and French tapestries are naturally very broad-ranging in their styles yet certain fundamental styles … Continue reading