Bob Pejman art tapestries

Bob Pejman art tapestries form a popular part of our selection – Tuscan, Lake Como and Mediterranean tapestry wall-hangings woven in Belgium.

We have over 20 designs available, most in several sizes, such as this Vineyard Tapestry:Bob Pejman - Vineyard TapestryPejman describes his art as “Romantic Realism” though I consider his realism to be more significant than the romantic. We are drawn to his art by our desires to experience those warm beautiful settings of Lake Como, Venice, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. Their slightly exaggerated emphases are reminiscent of theatrical set designs, compounded by his insertion of urns, pillars and statues. We know that we are not seeing the scene quite as it appears, but do we care? To enjoy such scenes at home on a wintry day warms us inside.

To balance this, here is a video which explores the romantic aspect of Bob Pejman’s art, enhanced by Gounod’s Ave Maria.

What is your favourite: do browse through the choice of Bob Pejman tapestries? Mine is this street in Bellagio Village descending to Lake Como which my wife and I have hanging in our staircase at home.

Bellagio Village tapestry - Bob Pejman DesignsWhether your preference leans towards the romantic or the realism we’re confident Bob Pejman art tapestries will bring you years of pleasure; ever-popular scenes to warm our hearts and homes. We have most in stock for immediate shipping.



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